Art has its muses and jewellery has its relationships.  Part of what happened in the studio this year was making jewellery with certain women in mind. Helen Clark was Francis’ first suggestion.  She was joined by the eclectic mix of Jean Batten, Grace Jones, Francis herself, Jane Goodall and Marie Currie. The wide range of participants in this semi make believe lineup, lead to a wide play with technique and materials, and getting some serious mileage in my studio.  (I am curious to know what happens after 10,000 hours in there?)

The Helen Clark brief coincided with a stash of black pearls, both free-dived and collected from Pacific islands. Pearls come loaded with social conventions, around femininity and the establishment.  Hard work has gone into making a pearl, to create a magical sheen and lustre, however I was attracted to these specimens for their imperfection and irregularity.

These studio experiments were slower and allowed for a cyclical movement in and out of different projects.  The origin points seemed to change with each person:  drawings for Jean Batten, wax or paper mache for Jane Goodall and Grace Jones, and object deconstruction for Marie Curie.

Jean Batten Earrings and Helen Clark Pearl Rings

Jane Goodall Bananas, Monkey and Human Hand

Grace Jones Earring Evolution

Marie Curie Sklodowska Abacus Necklace and Object

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