A new year and a new handshake project to go with it 🙂

I really pleased to have been selected to participate in Handshake5. The project is only one year long this time but I’m sure that won’t make the experience any less intensive

The works from the CODA collection I will be responding to are:

Adam Grinovich. Tropical Space 3. Stainless steel, cubic zirconia, thread. 

Beate Eismann. Ice flower. 3d printed Titanium

Svenja John Makrolon, nylon, acrylic paint

When It came to choosing work to respond to I was happy to be paired with anyone uses CAD and digital manufacturing.  One artist that stood out was  Svenja John. I love how technical and process driven her work is.In particular, I am interested in her method of making component’s which are later assembled into jewellery. I am currently working in a similar way myself, with pieces that interlock. And thought a closer examination of her work could help me develop my ideas further


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