Blog 4, 22nd February 2017

At the beginning of February, my proposal to the Wellington Sculpture Trust for their PARK(ing) Day project was accepted.  Now with the help of fellow Occupation: Artist members Sarah Read and Caroline Thomas we are working out the details of how the work is to be done.

Thin Ice will see a parking space covered with a ton of crushed ice shaped into an ice cap.  Last year we gold-leaved a parking space. (

The process of working in public and engaging the audience is for many of us an alarming and embarrassing prospect.  However, it can be richly rewarding and offers opportunities for such interesting insights into the responses people have to the work.  It is also a chance to help the audience realise that contemporary art/jewellery can be both enjoyed and understood on many levels.

Occupation: Artist also has another project coming up later in the year.  In 2015 the group participated in Radiant Pavilion an ambitious and very successful event organised by Claire McArdle and Chloë Powell in Melbourne.  Our proposal has again been accepted and we continue to refine the idea of our participation.

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