Blog 5,  March 15th 2017

The preparations for PARK(ing) Day served us well.  We had spent a worrying week with really bad weather threatening the cancellation, but in the end the weather was similar to last year’s event – cool, calm and cloudy to start the morning and breaking to sun and cloud later in the day.

The truck worked perfectly (many thanks to Jack Gollup for his help) and Ice Point (Granada North) were generous with our ‘ton’ of crushed ice (again, thanks).  We were intensely focussed on setting up the form work and getting the ice into the space and had not noticed the shop outside which we were working was a surf and ski shop.

This made our day!

The ice formed a white, crystalline rectangle – minimalist and formally beautiful.  The slow reflective runoff of melt-water was an unexpected bonus.

With all the PARK(ing) Day sites located in Cuba Street this year, we noticed a larger audience and enjoyed the conversations.  We encouraged people to find their own way of engaging with the work and there were some robust discussions around the issues of climate change and politics.  However, we were thrilled that people just enjoyed it for its unexpected madness.

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