A month ago I started a new job. For four weeks I have been in full-time training which has meant that any progress on my Handshake work has been unwillingly short-changed. For four weeks I have been coming home during the week and slumping on the sofa. staring dead-eyed at the TV, unable to put my frazzled brain to much use at all outside of learning a whole new raft of work stuff and trying to remember the names of an office full of people.

This coming week I start on a part-time basis which means that from now I will have two full days in the studio back! Hooray! Let’s hope I get my groove back.

I have been sneaking back to my jeweller’s bench on the odd occasion, enough to put a brooch back on this, using purely cold connections –

to paint a piece of art  –

and make a brooch out of it –

to hang this round my neck –

and to experiment with making a bracelet out of bakelite boxes –

All of these are works in progress for CODA.

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