From the macro viewpoint, Earth’s magnetism is an act of repelling and attracting the positive and negative north and south poles, creating a magnetic field which protects us from most solar radiation. And to the microscale, the dance of polarity is the basis for cell division in the development of a foetus.

In everything we do there is polarity, whether we are conscious of it or not. But for the majority of people, it is the in-between(ness) of the extremes where we carve out the bulk of our lived experience. These experiences would not be possible without the extremes of polarity leading to a sense of searching for balance and equilibrium. That stillness where we can hear the quiet voice of our own truth and answers to whatever we may seek.
Knowing begins with our awareness of the movement between two extremes and it is this movement of energy between two points that creates polarity.

An example of this is the space between the in-breath and the out-breath, when there is both nothing and everything. With the in-breath we experience (internally) our relationship to the external where we receive and absorb. With the out-breath we experience (externally) our relationship to the environment through an expulsion, an expression as we give and we let go.
There is space between these two points which is neither inner or outer, it is a place of no-thingness but also contains the pure potential of creation.

In my current body of work I am suggesting the space for quiet contemplation to occur. Whatever thoughts arise are acknowledged. An invitation to take time to return to the centre, in the heart space and notice what is felt, to let go of the compulsion to think.

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