Reflecting on my experimenting, research and artistic practice for our Polarities exhibition I think that my artist statement best sums up some of the thoughts that are emerging and reasons to why I have chosen to undertake exploring this body of work with Kaka Poria as my muse.



I have chosen the kaka poria as a symbol to represent the light and dark dualities within myself.

The circle like manner of the object also speaks to the internal cycle of thoughts and anxiety.

It represents the emotions and expectations that have become a symbiotic relationship within my practice and subconsciously get nurtured like a pet.

And although some of these may not give cause to our higher well-being, we can become seductively entrapped and ensnare ourselves to these.

Breaking free from this can prove difficult and frustrations and doubt although somewhat negative can lead to provoking creative outcomes.

The “light” at the end of the tunnel.

What is your poria*? What is your mokai*?

*Mōkai (pet)

Young kākā were easily captured and tamed. They were held captive by a small leg ring called a *pōria, which had a small cord attached to prevent the bird flying off. Kākā pōria (leg rings) could be quite ornate and were also worn as pendants. Mōkai were made to call out to attract wild birds in the vicinity, who would come in great numbers upon hearing the cry of the captured bird.


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