Participants had between 2 and 4 days (depending on where in the country they were travelling from) to respond to installation artist Gabby O’Conner’s exhibition design/challenge.
Drop sheets with grids drawn on them (symbolising the canvas of our workbooks/visual diary’s) were strung over wire around the perimeter around the gallery. It was our choice on how we would find solutions to break out of the typical flat wall and plinth scenario we often revert to within our exhibition practices. The theme ‘Process’ was used so we had a certain freedom to play with this incomplete or unresolved quality that is not usually shown in a formal exhibition setting.

A few of the challenges we wrestled with were the initial woe of being confronted with the lifeless sheets hanging slack in our space waiting to be transformed..


…and the texture in the drop cloth fabric which tended to compete with our pieces, and general saggy-ness of the cloth. For me taming this material required some behind the scenes manipulation to create firm angles which my pieces could be suspended from to give more dimension to the space.

Using what was on hand I employed masking tape as one of my main display methods, along with fluorescent nylon and thin rope that I’d brought with me from Auckland.. What I enjoyed most was the guerrilla tactic of the tape on the floor..I definitely could have gone wild with that stuff…


Following the opening we had an amazing group crit in the gallery with visiting American artist Lauren Kalman.


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