Blog 14  September 12th, 2017

Radiant Pavilion, Melbourne

Gold leafed steps, graffiti and post-it notes – Sarah Read, Becky Bliss, Vivien Atkinson

Binit, Becky Bliss

Walking to Ballarat, 24 hours over 7 days, performance, Crossley Street, Melbourne, Vivien Atkinson


Radiant Pavilion was again a wonderful opportunity and our hard work and continued involvement in Crossley Street saw us developing wonderful relationships with many of the people working in the various businesses.  I had intended doing a short performance piece, but during the first hours I realised that what I really needed to do was to walk for an extended period just as the gold-seekers and entrepreneurs did, walking from Melbourne to the areas of Ballarat and Bendigo in central Victoria.  According to Google maps the walk would take around 24 hours and so that was the task I set myself.  A time for thought interspersed with conversations with a really broad audience, many contributing their own family connections to the goldfields and repeated gold-leafing the soles of my shoes and those of others who wanted to share my journey. The shining trail was much fainter that I had hoped and was washed away each time it rained.  Unfortunately it did not leave a great deal of time (and more unexpectedly energy) to get to other shows.  Of those I did see, the Tacit Recollection at Blindside was a definite highlight.

AJF sponsored four pieces of writing about Radiant Pavilion.  I’ve included a link to the piece by Vidya Sai Rajan who discusses some of the interactive projects, including Occupation: Artist’s Paved with Gold.




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