Some favorites from my inventory into object repair from when it was a necessary act in older times, up until some present day contemporary responses.

c.1750 mending with metal staples on nanking reticulated basket

Ming jar with added matal Dutch neck repair

Massachusetts pot with metal collar & nails repair

Metal staples repair

Museum restoration of shipwreck recovered vessel

c.1840 Brass skimmer mended with copper

Tin shovel repair

African Calabash vessel repair

c. 1950 Bahima wood and aluminum milk container from Tutsi people in Rwanda

Sitar repair

Quranic writing tablet repair

Headstone repair

Tin flooring repair

Modern day wood on wood repair

Modern day Kintsugi

Artist Tomomi Kamoshita

Artist Charlotte Bailey fabric wrapped, embroidered ceramic repair

Artist Yee Sookyung

Mended Cup (a poem)

Maria Cocquyt ceramics

Juliana Santacruz Herrera, Paris

Elvis Roberson watermark hand embroidered tablecloth

Concrete infused, embroidered textile

Artist Jan Vormann lego repair of old brickwork

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