In general I work intuitively without a plan.  By playing with materials and combining them in different ways their individual voices come through via the hand and mind working seemingly unconsciously.   I  work on more than one project at a time. This enables me to keep moving forward.    A lack of sourced material to work with can stop me moving forward and making decisions.  It is in these times that I seek out more resources to work with.  In recent times this is a walk in nature to collect what lies in my path or delving into skips and bins at various metal recyclers.

I found it hard to see what was working best despite my wise workmate saying to me  to “Kill your darlings”.  Removing distracting pieces can be a way of moving forward to focus and finish one body of work.  When I reach a point where some works have a louder voice than others I hedge the rest.  But what if these darlings are part of the greater scheme of things and are few and far between.  Check out




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