My initial plan for CODA was quite simple: 1. Play  2. Chinese Whispers  3. No Material Hierarchy.  HS blogging requires a reveal of your initial plan in this public forum – useful in relation to deadlines and an audience being able to follow your progress, only sometimes, your making process is messily circular rather than linearly tidy… 

A set of parameters based on a kid’s game seemed a good way to keep play at the centre of the making process. After a few sessions, I realised the work I’d made was predominantly based around words, with little scope for interesting material translations.

I went back to the three pieces allocated to me from the CODA collection and to the book titled Onno Boekhoudt – Work in Progress (2010), edited by Carin E. M. Reinders. Within the book, under the very apt title “It should be something like breathing”, Liesbeth Den Besten writes …according to an overview Onno compiled himself, the hole cropped up in his work around 1992; “looking for more expression, more contrast, course exterior, sensitive interior.”  He noted “the hole, being busy with nothing, that’s liberating”. I too was keen for some of this liberation, and with holes being a consistency between the three allocated CODA pieces, they have become the focus for my new plan.

New plan:  

  1. Play
  2. Holes
  3. No Material Hierarchy

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