Judy Darragh in her studio

  Judy’s place is a testament to an undying love of kitsch and decades of collecting.



             everyone’s a winner! Judys trophy collection


My recent Studio visit with her was an absolute joyful buzz..lots of energy and talking and showing of things, materials, ideas…I see photos from Judy’s recent residency in San Fransico and check out new work on the go, even spy some of my favorite works casually hanging about! All very exciting for me, in fact, one of the BEST DAYS EVER!


                   one of Judy’s hair works on the Studio wall

I took my completed work for first HS4 exhibit LEANINGS along for a final show and tell. I  experienced a real sense of achievement in presenting my work to my Mentor as we agree the work is good and ready to be shown! I have waved all manner of partly made creations and materials in front of the Skype camera for months now so was cool to watch as Judy gauge the weight and scale of the work especially as jewellery is such a tactile sensory thing. 

The great reading and films my mentor has suggested, all the talking shared images and communication have really fed the brain. Our conversation today goes again to the slow pace of woman’s art often made in scraps of time of scraps…materiality, making for the long haul or larger body of work.. valuing our own narratives. I feel much more engaged with my making process since beginning this mentorship, I think it shows in my work and am so thankful to Judy for that.

I took along the beginnings of a new group of work castings and materials I have been gathering to discuss… we talk about badges shields emblems and memorabilia. there is a question of color and scale… Judy arranges things into a beautiful little assemblage and calls it the sorry bucket.

                                     sorry bucket

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