Tanel Veenre was born in Talin, Estonia and is a Professor at the Estonian Academy of fine Arts.
The first time I saw Veenre’s work was in the library whilst I was researching and studying and I have been an admirer and a fan ever since.
So when I found out he was going to be our Teacher for the Handshake Intensive I was ecstatic.

The 4-day workshop was broken down into several different components.

Each morning we would start with a discussion and a presentation around a different research topic.It also gave me the opportunity to learn more about my Handshake peers, how they think what their interests are and build a rapport.

The 4 Topics were:
Playful and conceptual approach to the exhibition-design in galleries and museums. Props, lighting,
graphic design as part of the exhibition.
Significant location as a message carrier. Out of room – exhibitions on the streets, in nature, in public
transport … Human being as a canvas for display. Evolving displays.
Using film/photo for presenting (body of) work. Communication through image. (Un-)presence of
the human body. Text and logo.
Possibilities on the Internet, social media as a tool, internet communities, viral concepts, evolving and
interactive exhibitions.

I thought that this was an interesting way in which to start exercising our thought process, as a sort of meditation to gear us up for the afternoons’ exercises.
DAY 1 & 2
Individual projects.
One assignment was to be given a “random” object or item and then contextualise this in an exhibition or installation. I was handed a pack of hair dye….. I was a bit confused at first but I made it work and needed to try challenge myself with making sure I referenced or touched on aspects of the topics in which we were assigned.

I also wanted to do something different so I took a deep breath and did my first public performance piece.
It actually made me feel really anxious but I followed through and pushed myself in an unfamiliar
direction. Being inspired by our earlier discussions of utilising space I took my work to the streets. It had a
positive interesting reaction from passers-by and my peers, I personally still don’t know how I feel about it. I
had a friend film the piece so maybe someday I will share this video more publicly when I am brave
enough and have taught myself video editing.
The next afternoon task we were given another mentees object in which to exhibit.
Being slightly unfamiliar with the work meant I was given a great opportunity to display it in my “own” story
or dialogue.
I presented her work in a “pop-up” exhibition style as well as exploring alternative means of jewellery
exhibition and tried my hand at making several GIFS as an alternative means to exhibit jewellery. This
was a challenge to learn a new skill but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


DAY 3 & 4
Group Exhibition projects.
We were placed into random groups to then come up with an exhibition context that connected all our very different and unique pieces we had brought to the Intensive.
I was placed with Nik Hanton and Mandy Flood and although all our work is quite different we rose to the challenge and come up with “ Museum of Incomplete Stories ”
I was very excited about this project and pop-up exhibition as I think that it could be continuous and keep developing. I see this as a concept that we could maybe later revisit whilst being in HandShake 4.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Laracy
I had many images of mocks, things, sketches and “stuff” but unfortunately lost my files. The Intensive week was very informative, challenging and fun and there is still so much more I wish to share with all……maybe another time over a cup of tea.
I still seem to be going through all my notes and the newly gained research has been of benefit for my other projects coming up ( I will talk about these later on  It has given me a lot of inspiration in regards to my practice and how I will ideally like to lead it into the future.


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