The many decisions that go through the making…adding and subtracting…where to finish when to stop and will there be an ending, a completion.

Titles and names  have been given, they relate to the process through making and contemplation.  This piece ‘Ki a wai?’ to who? ..plays with the title of Mr Peters piece, ‘dedicated to’.  I have left the space clear that occupied the circle, the red lines indicative of its presence…subtracting and adding.  Still yet to be finished..

“No whea koe?” , where are you from? questions with no answers, titles that ask questions, these works I respond to have little or few answers, so I question them.

This piece gained two holes at the top, for suspension, a cord to be placed there at some stage, or not.

“He mea”, a thing..ambiguous or as a statement, it exists so it is something, a thing, he mea.  Does everything need to be described or interpreted or dissected, can something just be  and exist in a space.

These pieces have posed questions and challenges, It will be exciting to see them coexist with the Coda pieces!


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