Turning an object into a pendant, into something wearable comes with ‘stringing up’ a bit of rope or string or something more interesting.

Deciding on what I was going to use to turn these objects into pendants was my last part of the puzzle and challenge.  Length, size, width, material, plaited, woven, braided, plain.

It had to be some natural fibre of some description, muka or coconut fibre, this was my intention, and the plan became more clearer when I placed the fibre with the objects.  The brown coarseness of the coconut fibre suited the rawness of the objects.  It also appealed because the coconut fibre was from the Pacific and created a connection with the pieces.


And came a change with the piece above, I looked at the Coda work that ‘no whea koe?’ was responding to and I wanted to repeat some of the elements in the ‘Neck schuck’ piece.  The bone toggle came about from the element of raw moonstone that tied the pendant together, i also decided to leave the pounamu circle out in favour of a half red circle.  These changes, part of the process of leaving and revisiting has been important in the progression and finishing of the work

I learnt a knot in Fiji with the coconut fibre and this has become the taura for this piece, it has similar weight to the pendant and the thickness seems to work well.

The fibres here mimic the red lines and remain separated, raw and rough around the edges.




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