Te Ao Huri Huri was a dynamic and unusually lively show considering it was held in a Crypt which is still the final resting place to 557 people. Although there were parts of the crypt that were extremely eerie After some ceremony and blessings and time spent together there as a group I found a real sense of ease. The venues history provided the perfect backdrop to our contemporary work. The public responded with enthusiasm and wonder. The crypt actually made great spot for a party too!

Handshake 3 operated with a high level of professionalism and communication which made for really impressive fund-raising, Interesting and challenging thinking resulting in an excellent and well-hung show. For me personally working with the more experienced Handshake 3 group has not only had the positive effect of extending my sense of community and belonging but has extended the boundaries of the mentorship giving me the opportunity to learn from an incredible group of knowledgeable artists.

The Dialogue Collective works with a high level of involvement and organisation taking on tasks without reservation, Perhaps this is borne out of a kind of underground ethos the group holds, for instance collectively the DC put very little emphasis on selling their own exhibition works instead what the DC aims to create are experiences for the audience and wider community of a deeper conversation about what jewellery can mean. Could it be this is a reaction against the constraints and competition of living in a mega city such as London? Or perhaps it is because the European culture seems somehow more engaged and accepting of contemporary jewellery and so the DC seeks to stretch the boundaries further?.

Being a part of this multicultural collaboration has provided me with diverse experiences and exposure to a different way of seeing the world. The involvement in planning, fund-raising and coordination stages to exhibition display, networking not to mention multiple professional development opportunities such as group gallery visits and new connections made have been invaluable, these experiences will nourish my practice for years to come 


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