Title: Diaspora

I intend to make a series of work 3-5 pieces with a sound component.  I will be researching the theme and concept of diaspora it is used in a contemporary context to describe indigenous/native people who live away from their homeland for one reason or another  I will look at my journey of discovering my culture my identity my turangawaewae (place to stand) as a type of ‘diaspora’

Focusing mainly on popular culture and music in Aotearoa as a starting point and inspiration. What and how will the sound component take shape and be used, mix tape? create beats? mash-up, mix-up, fill-up, toss-up.  I will research  indigenous artists and music, Tiki Taane, Ria Hall, Moana and The Tribe, Rob Ruha, Maisey Rika, Rania, Che Fu, Upper Hutt Posse, Savage, Teremoana Ripley and more.  Different music styles, reggae, rap, techno, dance and pop music.

My ideas with the space at Te Uru are:

1. creating a soundproof room

2. soundproofing a space

3. Using headphones

Words..language..culture..misunderstanding..misinterpretation..mis-pronunciation mis-education.. mis-appropriation

Music as movement, feeling, connection, music through making work, music that makes the work, music that inspires the work, sounds work makes, making sounds that make work.


I visited the space at Te Uru with Sarah Walker-Holt and Nadene Carr, It was really great to get a feel of the space, with the levels, white walls and elevation.

How am I going to interact within this environment and how will it fit with my concept…


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