On a visit to Auckland I was fortunate to explore the TeUru gallery space. What would  the building tell me? Can I hear the voice or the essence? How does it sit in the environment as well as in the community? 

The very first impression was a tete a tete of old and new, nature and industrial, suburban and metropolitan, light filled and enclosed,  calmness and rawness. A building made from concrete and glass surrounded by suburban bush setting. 

It seemed very logical to start the dialogue with this contrasting impression of nature and man made. First attempts in using the buildings material language failed . The conversation seems to have stopped, maybe due to sameness or camouflaging identity of the work evolving.

So where from here? While visiting the beautiful space and Auckland the sprawl and diversity of the city kept coming up time and time again. While the work is in conversation with the building, multiple other conversations are in place at the same time: Artist – Space, Space – Community, Artist – Community, Building – Environment, Culture – Community, just to mention a few.

……resulting in 

“The Complexity of Urban Sprawl”

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