I was unsure what to expect from my first Skype call with Aaron but it went very well. We spent most of the call discussing what my expectations were for our consultations and just getting to know each other. He’s a friendly and open guy and laid back not to intense/serious which suits me, my sense of humour shouldn’t offend to him too much.

Before the call I had sent Aaron some images of my work which we discussed, he focused on my most recent work which is made of layers fabric. We decided there was room for further development and that I should continue working with those techniques and ideas.  We also had conversation about New Zealand contemporary jewellery and how Jewellery can have a specific cultural narrative. Later the same night emailed me a short list of artists to look up:

Ai Weiwei

 Sunflower Seeds, hand-painted porcelain, at Tate Modern, London, 2010

Damian Ortega  

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