When I was faced with the pleasure to choose 3 artists out of the amazing collection of the CODA Museum in Apeldoorn it brought up many questions? Why are those particular artists and their work bring something to life and inspire? What makes an artwork speak to you? When does it touch you on a level deeper than the first appreciation of craft?

The poet Linda Gregg wrote in the essay “The Art of Finding” the following

‘……………What matters to me even more than the shapeliness and the dance of language is what the poem discovers deeper down than gracefulness and pleasures in figures of speech. I respond most to what is found out about the heart and spirit, what we can hear through the language. Best of all, of course, is when the language and other means of poetry combine with the meaning to make us experience what we understand. We are most likely to find this union by starting with the insides of the poem rather than with its surface, with the content rather than with the packaging……..’ October 25, 2006 (https://www.poets.org/poetsorg/text/art-finding)

To explore this will be my challenge for the next few month within the chosen work of Dorothea Prühl, Otto Künzli and Bernhard Schobinger.


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