The ‘Poly’ Petting Zoo

While developing work for the exhibitions at CODA, Appledorn and TeUru, Auckland I got drawn into the multitudinousness world of plastics. A topic as complex as the abundance of different plastics in our daily lives and also one of the major environmental concerns.

In her book “PLASTIC – A Toxic Love Affair” Susan Freinkel describes her experiment in trying to go one day without touching anything plastic, resulting in the surprising outcome of filling already an entire page after 45 minutes. 

The ‘Poly’ Clans manifested their positions in our lives and we love them for their distinct properties like colour, weightlessness, flexibility, affordability, efficiency in production etc. On the other side we hate them becoming increasingly aware of the downsides, having caused environmental and health concerns, due to our attitude and use of the material.

To understand the vastness of the ‘Plastic Empire’ I started creating a petting zoo of non natural materials in my household.

Looking at all those objects I tried to find the core of why we use ‘plastic’ in all its variations.

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