The artists I have been paired with, Lucy Sarneel, Reka Fekete, and Attai Chen, all resonate with the idea of Thinking through Making. Similarly, I allow my own work to manifest itself as it develops.

Lucy Sarneel, Night Flight, 1988/ Reka Fekete, Langgewagt, 2013/ Attai Chen, Brooch, 2014

I see the theme Rough and Raw as a metaphor for Thinking through Making; a primary part of the making process that happens at the workbench. Work that demonstrates, Rough and Raw characteristics, illuminates an essence of being created through honest and spontaneous compositions that are not contrived, forced or conforming to something that is expected.

I am starting this rather challenging dialogue by asking myself some questions;

  • What are each of these works saying to one another, if the where all on a table/wall or body together?
  • Does the conversation speak to all 3 pieces at once or individually?
  • What can I bring to that conversation?
  • What can I give as opposed to take from the works?
  • In Handshake 2 Helen and I discussed ‘style surfing’ and finding your own voice, one that is not dictated through what others are doing or have done. How does this brief relate to this conversation and make me feel?
  • Can you give yourself permission to make someone else’s work and just see or learn from what happens?
  • How do you appropriate without copying, or are the really one in the same? gucci-the-artist-is-present-exhibition-shanghai

Here is my initial answer……………..that comes from thinking through making.……………….


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