Ko te whiringa..the choosing

Matte black circle curved bezeled convex symmetrical contrasting. Object. I never took notice of the artists but the appearance of the items i choose from Coda. The object pleases my order and i feel when i look at it a need to make something opposing.!

Object, Ruut Peters 1988, steel.

Contrasting materials with raw elements drew me to this piece…with moonstone rough and odd shaped, cleverly proportioned and balanced whilst seamlessly having a matte black flat silver rectangle hanging below, then dangling again a set opal. Combinations that could easily not work


Necklace, moonstone, opal, silver blackened 2013

Ute Eitzenhofer

And you can imagine this when being worn with the clanging of the porcelain and the leather shaping around the neck holding on by gravity!. The colours are also edible and skin like. The shapes are slightly grotesque and unfamiliar. It is an appealing formula.

Layers of Pink

Necklace, porcelain and leather 2011

Yasar Aydin

How am i to tackle this project? These peices are all so different and interesting in themselves.

Ko nga patai..the questions continue..

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