‘Time is a created thing.To say I don’t have time, is like saying I don’t want to’  Lao Tzu
I always seem to be wanting more time. But in reality it is the quality of time that I am striving for, as I have all the time I can have. It is how I deal with what I have that causes my angst towards this four letter word. It is how I approach the time; how I ‘show’ I have used it well, what I have achieved within the constraint of it, be it an hour a morning or a day. Did I get the shopping in, so the lunches can be made without conflict that will allow a smooth transition from early morning to mid morning thus letting me go guilt free into studio time? I know I am not alone in this duel with time. This debate I have with time is a constant and one I need to actively deal with. My focus is about how much time I get in the studio. What I do with it when I am there, how I feel after I have been there and how I make with the constraint I have of the time ‘allowed’.
The image above was made after seeing ‘Kobi- A life’s work.  His approach to time, to work, to life  resounded to me. It is about balance and being real and kind to ones self. Handshake is about pushing yourself, learning new things and accepting others. I have time delayed conversations via email with my mentor. Often not directly about jewellery but they are honest and open words that allow ideas to percolate and distill. I like this way of working, things come together in diverse ways.
Volker mentioned shadows to me right at the start of our conversation(see earlier post), shadows are moments in time that I relish and can be worn for a moment. Always loved a good shadow and after seeing the movie with Kobi talking about an individuals right to protest I remembered being 15 and being part of a CND protest against nuclear arms. WE made shadows on the ground to draw quiet attention to what happens at ground zero. Sunday was 6th August 72 years after Hiroshima. We were hosting a 13yr old from Hiroshima she had little English we even less Japanese, we made some cranes. That was a perfect use of time and now my jewellery thinking is looking further into time

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