Blog 2, January 15th, 2017

Although I knew the names of these two fashion designers I really had no idea of the scope of their innovative work.  It was then a fascinating voyage of discovery wandering through the rooms of stunning and sometimes startling garments.

Tanel Veenre had requested we look at various aspects of the exhibition for the Masterclass he would have with the new HandShakers in late January, and this show seemed to have plenty of examples of new ways of working with the display of fashion.


The outrageous use of the models to carry their own lighting as they made their way down the darkened catwalk for this show really caught my attention.  The lighting structures look both awkward and definitely uncomfortable.  How would the contraptions feel?  Did they throw the model’s balance off?  Were there any accidents?  Could this metal be viewed as a form of jewellery?  I guess this question arose partly in the context of having just seen the Bulgari exhibition and I was interested in the cross-over of the idea of spectacle/theatre and the grand gesture of light and glitter in both shows.  Viktor and Rolf are always pushing to find new and challenging aspects of fashion – I love their sense of adventure.


Autumn/Winter  2007-08

Peter Stigter

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