Was it worth it ?





On coming to the end of this HS4 journey, that is the question that I am often asked.
I have thought up a few ‘wordy’ responses but in reality the simple response is YES.

What is ‘of worth’ to one can be so different to another person. Enter debate on value and worth from a Contemporary Jewellery perspective ( But not in this space) Also I feel the experience will gain worth as time passes, and that I am at ease with.
From the onset of HS4, my expectations were never pre-formed. All I hoped for, was a set of opportunities that would be new and challenging;communication and meetings with different individuals and to that end I have not been disappointed.
I want to believe that Volker and I have a groove and more will come. But that is my hope in its broadest sense whenever I meet people I admire. We have communicated via email throughout the project. This has frustrated me, but allowed for an openness that might have not happened otherwise. See below email from Volker in response to ‘Polarity’ Show.

And then we finished. No sentiment, no long goodbyes, and I am left to take from it what is of value to me. And in essence that is what I believe Handshake is in its simplest form.

yo your works are serious …. how about making
just more real objects (little) sculpture in future
ah…. my 3 works
very sweet
well done
…funny – the cheap ones sheltered under glas(plastic)
satisfied with the show ?


…will miss it to comment your stuff
…but it is now very developt (- your own)
and not much to say/criticise anymore

Extract of email from Volker Atrops

PS at one point in our lengthy emails, we discussed the ‘backside of jewellery’.

Definitely worth revisiting. Especially after listening to a lecture from Peter Bauhuis at Objectspace Auckland on the 13-12-18.






So, what was it I said about the worth coming in the future? While thinking about this post, I received an email from Volker. Short, to the point and basically talking about Munich in March!!!

Well, hold Christmas, I need to be in the studio putting something together, but no thinking required. Watch floodlit40 on Instagram to find out more.


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