At the end of the Pah Homestead show I drove up to Auckland to collect work and ended bringing a load of the planks used for display back as well.  They have been sitting in my studio as no one really wants them.  The contrasting colours are really attractive and have been playing with my head.  There is also the matter of getting rid of them – like a lot of people I come in contact with – I hate to just throw something so ‘useful’ away and though in my smaller space I shouldn’t keep them I can’t let them go. The planks are eroding my willpower to ignore them and get on with what I’m supposed to be doing, so pieces of it are finding their way onto my desk and the whole space is filmed with a layer of horrible MDF dust (despite damp-dusting and sweeping as I work).  So another material is added to my collection, unwanted and yet urgent.

There is however, something deeply attractive/subversive about making the work for the next show from the display materials left over from the previous show. The element of flying off into unexplored territory with so little time for resolution and dropping the planned work feels precarious and a wee bit rebellious.

Only time will tell if they become a new body of work – at the moment there are still a great many decisions, both practical and artistic to be made and as before the big concern is if there will be enough precious time to solve all these questions.

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