Two years have passed and handshake4 has come to an end. It has been a great two years full of interesting people, exhibitions and workshops.

The mentorship program is definitely a valuable part of the handshake project. I would say that the relationship I build with my mentor wasn’t what I first expected. There was no hierarchal bull shit, Aaron was easy to talk to. Having Aaron to bounce ideas off and to push me places I might have gone by myself. I found that I took more risks with my work. And as my work changed, he helped me find value in my new ideas.

I think that the friendships that have developed between the Handshake participants have great importance as well, we have created a supportive pair group and added to our local community of practice. 

Overall I have developed a new respect for my digital approach to making. The use of 3d printing used to feel like cheating. For most Jewellery making was so much about the manipulation of materials by hand. Now I feel there can be as much value in machine-made objects, it is just a different set of skills used in the making and they are no less importance.

the image on the left is from the Corban Estate Arts Centre. Below is from the accompanying Zine

I received great feedback from everyone on the work I made for the Corbans Estate show and Fingers gallery in Auckland offered me their featured artist spot for December.           link to Fingers

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