So another idea is to collect all the white trash out of ours, and anyone who is willing to save it for me to turn into a sculptural form and install it in The See Here Gallery.  I’m imagining it pouring from ceiling to floor.

Why white:

  • I’m interested in the process of selection of how to address and direct one’s energy to the myriad of environmental concerns in our world today
  • Taking a closer look at the white wall white plinth gallery aesthetic
  • The thought that white trash is pure pollution in our consumer throw-away society
  • an investigation into the colour white
  • The socio-political dilemma

A simple google of white trash sculpture too me to the Trash Glass sculptural  works of Matt Eskuche : (top)

Khalil Chishtee’s life-size plastic bag sculptures

And then there is the heartfelt socio-political work of the artist/photographer Chris Jordan based in Seattle, Washington who does portraits of mass consumption:  Take a look at his TED Talk from 2008

Chris’s 2017 work Midway Film:

Message from the Gyre links directly to the earlier images I took on my first blog entry.

So many voices, choices, and possibilities….


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