Image: Steel brooch, Lens

Te Uru artist statement:

Jewellery’s integral relationship to the body is usually well understood, most often from having worn jewellery ourselves. What we rarely consider is jewellery’s relationship with the objects and spaces around us, and what this information offers us about ourselves and the spaces we occupy.

Who is wearing who? presents a collection of wearable jewellery pieces inspired by both the interior and exterior architecture of Te Uru.  Visitors are invited to wear these pieces through the exhibition, enabling an engagement with tactile and spatial possibilities, and positioning the relationship of the work to the wearer, as closely as possible.

 To further this, a live social wall is installed showing images uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #whoiswearingwho, reflecting the online portrayal of physical spaces as a tool for communication, as well as our online relationships to material possessions and to each other.

Please borrow one of these items to wear and record your travels or experiences during your visit to the exhibition. Upload your images to the social wall using the hashtag #whoiswearingwho 

From Left: Neckpieces, steel, brass, fabric. Ascent, Descent

From Left to Right: Steel reinforcing rod bangles – View 1, View 2, Steel down-pipe and brass bangle, Flow, Steel reinforcing rod neckpiece, Unit, Steel brooch, Lens, Neckpieces, Ascent, Descent, Steel down-pipe and brass bangle, Room for a wrist, Steel brooch, Diffuser, Steel and brass bangle, Leak.

Steel brooch, Lens

Live feed from social media aggregator #Whoiswearingwho

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