I Have had a stop-start week so far at the bench, but have made some progress. My first skype session with Judy Darragh was very productive…working on a love song necklace Judy and I talked about making…. a sort of love song to the sea


Following on from these milky forms.

Experimenting with cold connections..movement and flow




      Judy Daragh SCI-FI cover of Art News                                         I watched a doco called hyper normalisation. (Judy’s recommendation after talking about the madness of US elections). Highlights the underlying political drivers that have brought about this strange inevitable political shift in the US. This prevailing social facade is sick and Scary stuff. The UFO conspiracies, outlined in the doco made me think of Judy’s  Sci-Fi work at Two Rooms from 2012  Love this work. fighter jets and lights in space ….layering and cover-ups.




Another film Judy recommended I watch was Vincent Ward’s 1984 Vigil, really beautiful all the characters were so vulnerable the imagery of collapsing hollow land, and exposure to the elements resonated with me and feeds into the narrative around the land that is often present in my last of the milk and honey work.

I had an interesting visit yesterday with a friend, we talked about hallucination She mentioned a man she had met who often saw smoke rising from the ground around him and how some cultures perceive hallucinations as visions or as spiritual gifts. I am trying to follow up on themes of enquiry and approach this stage of the project as research. Thinking about what qualifies Outsider Art, I discovered that Asyndetic thinking a symptom of thought disorder (jumping from one seemingly unrelated topic to another ) is also called Knight Move thinking in creative studies, and the symptom of disorganized speech is sometimes described as word salad, such rich imagery have been sketching around these ideas and will see where it takes me…








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