Work Life Balance – Is there such a thing?


Artist unknown – found sculptural installation, Makara  

A weekend in Whanganui at a friends 50th and surprise wedding provided  fun times with friends and  the chance to explore a part of NZ that I’d only ventured to once before.    Getting away allowed my mind to wander off on yet more tangents.

Pumice and drift wood are the predominant feature on the Whanganui coast.  In my own little world, lulled by the sound of the sea I went on the scrounge to do some out of studio creating and photography

Sound of the Sea: Found pumice and headphones, Whanganui

Whanganui has a buzzing creative community that I didn’t have time to fully explore – all the more reason to go back.   The insides of a piano fastened to the wall of one historic building made me feel connected to my work with piano parts.

The insides on the outside: Piano internals on a building exterior, Whanganui

Note to self:  Remember to make the most of what I’m doing at any given time.  Not succumbing to guilty feelings of I should be making stuff and getting constipated in this thinking.  All good ideas need time to percolate even if the process of getting to the end result is like pulling teeth.

As to achieving that elusive balance – its a work in progress and I’m not sure it really matters…





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