After busy weeks of online skype meetings with the team, chatting with my mentor, balancing my art practice with my home life work commitments I am finally in Auckland and getting ready for what is going to be our final public Handshake4 exhibition. I am fulled with excitement, pride, anxiety and also sadness to what seems to be the end of a challenging yet rewarding journey.

New friendships were forged and old ones solidified,

new thoughts provoked and old ones laid to rest…….

This exhibition we decided to have a zine, something that we could have for a keepsake for our followers and also ourselves.


A fun colourful momento reminder to how far we have come …together.

I am here to share you with you in this post just a few snaps of what was a few final days of us installing and physically being together.


Our work will keep developing and I am sure so will our friendships.

With careful consideration with my fellow artists and wonderful guidance and advice from our curator I had decided to exhibit my works in a hanging installation.

The way in which you can gaze through the poria meant that the audience eye was able to capture seeing others work through the middle and people were lead to wonder…. is this a frame ? and if so of what ? does this frame myself ? is it an empty mirror ? it looks wearable or is it sculpture.

The pieces were all wearable of course because for me personally I am practically minded and actually come to think of it anything can be wearable… with the right imagination.

I was quite happy with the final result and it has later lead to further development for a future project. The movement of the Poria being able to turn around in the breeze was captivating and all aspects angles of the pieces was easily viewed, some feedback from anonymous sources stated that it would have been beneficial to see these actually worn, this makes me excited as it leaves potential for my jewellery not only to be installation but to be able to move into performance, video or photography


Contemporary jewellery for me is like my gateway drug to newer, bigger, more provoking and ambitious projects…………. give me more!


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