Caroline Thomas

What I make is largely driven by the materials I work with. These materials do not necessarily speak to me because of their objective existence [metal, leather, gemstone etc.] but more because of something compelling about their form, line, colour, sheen, patina, dimension, weight or sensory qualities. These materials can come from anywhere and I do not usually go looking with a specific material in mind.  More often than not my materials and I meet by accident, on a dog walk or in a junk shop for example. When I start working with them, I often find that their qualities marry up with a train of thought or series of ideas that are either currently running through my head or have been filed away to emerge later.

Caroline Thomas was born in London, England to Kiwi parents and moved to Wellington, New Zealand in 2007. She studied History of Art at Edinburgh University and spent many years working as an image researcher both in the UK and NZ. Thomas completed a Bachelor of Applied Arts, specialising in jewellery design at Whitireia NZ and graduated in 2013. Since then she has participated in a number of group and solo shows in NZ, Australia, USA, Thailand and UK and is an active member of two Wellington-based artists’ groups Occupation:Artist and The See Here. Thomas was also a member of the Handshake4 mentorship programme where her mentor was Nicolas Cheng.


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