HANDSHAKE  CURATION                                   

Atta Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand, 11 January–25 February 2018

CHAINreaction: exhibition by 12 New Zealand jewellery artists from the HANDSHAKE Project at ATTA gallery, 11 January – 25 February 2018       

‘CHAINreaction’ presents ‘jewellery-sets’ that has branched off from the conception of the NECKLACE. This exhibition at ATTA is represented by a selection of HANDSHAKE jewellery artists from past- and current projects.

Each NECKLACE-set is displayed on a canvas, highlighted by their conceptual, aesthetic, and presentation ideas.

The artists are: Becky Bliss, Brendon Monson, Caroline Thomas, Jennifer Laracy, Kelly McDonald, Nadene Carr, Nadine Smith, Neke Moa, Nik Hanton, Renee Bevan, Raewyn Walsh, Sharon Fitness



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