Lisa Reihana

Lisa Reihana (Ngā Puhi and Ngāti Hine Ngāi Tu) was born in 1964 in Auckland. At the forefront of lens-based experimentation, Reihana has contributed to the development of time-based art in Aotearoa New Zealand. Spanning effortlessly through film, video, photography, installation, performance, design, costume and sculptural form, Reihana is driven by a strong sense of community that informs her collaborative working methodology. Through her technically advanced and poetically nuanced works, her practice offers an astute disruption and expansion of the colonial impulse as she interrogates gender, power, representation and the gaze. Reihana’s incisive and imaginative work challenges notions of beauty, fiction and assumed truths as she draws on myriad sources such as mythological realms, historical evidence, imagined narratives and her own familial relationships. 

Lisa reimagines the famous 19th-century decorative wallpaper ‘Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique’. (a 26 meter video installation)

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