Tanel Veenre’s workshop centred around innovative exhibition display that considered media promotion, audience experience as well as how best to showcase work. The workshops were fast paced and intense but rewarding to terms of pushing creative process and looking past the obvious to find a unique exhibition experience. Exhibitions included an on-line instagram display, gifs, kinetic sculptures, street art and performance based displays.!

Workshop Day 1& 2: Individual projects! !
Each day began with shared presentations and display inspiration that covered: physical and alternative exhibition space, image and online display.!
Initially, we were given each others objects to make exhibitions from which included promotional images

Workshop Day 4 & 5: Group show! !
Kim Whalen, Caroline Thomas and myself went on a road trip to find our inner group exhibition. Lots of bonding over stormy Wellington skies, horses and Patti Smith helped to reveal the ‘Private Lives’ of our objects.

Exhibition Spaces: Private Lives

Exhibition Spaces: Museum of Incomplete Stories

Exhibition Spaces: Recherché!

Final Day: Exhibition Analysis! !
After a refreshing walk in Wellington rain, we circumnavigated our jewellery fringe exhibitions. The exhibitions were entertaining and fresh in creative ideas. The end analysis revealed what we loved and questions that came up. All the exhibitions offered well-considered thoughts on audience engagement. A satisfying end to a great week!!

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