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I have to be honest, I’m not a jeweller, I have no qualification in this field, other than trying to communicate adornment through a different way of making for the past 10 years.

Through the HS6 program I hope to create work which is simplistically sophisticated and which holds an elegant accuracy communicating the narrative which I have chosen to discuss! In my opinion, Iris Eichenberg‘s work holds all these qualities.

Having Iris as my mentor has made me want to keep on working, lose self-doubt, jump off that cliff and to start trusting my practice.


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’ Ceremonial Hood of Self-Doubt’. Faux Leather, cotton, silk thread, ribbon, wooden bead, needle. With  Leitch, (2019 October). ‘The ring of self-belief. You’re so great you could fit the moon through the eye of a needle’. Back scrubber, fishing lure, moonstone, rubber stopper, sterling silver, Coco Chanel Mademoiselle glass stopper, pearl, faux pearl, earring, 24 gold carat bead, needle. Test piece (2019 October),


 ‘For secrets’, faux leather formed from car seat cover, sweat keeps it on by sticking the wearers hand to the faux leather, for a while! 300mm x 200mm (2019 October),


‘27 hours of sick’.Neck piece. Handkerchiefs tied together, tissue, lolly wrapper, tears and nasal mucus. Moulded and dried in pockets of garments. 400mm drop  (2018/19).



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