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To tell the truth, my silversmithing skills are pretty scrappy. I am not a patient person and I kind of make it up as I go along. HANDSHAKE 6 is incredibly valuable opportunity for me because I don’t have a formal jewellery education. This programme situates me within a community of contemporary jewellers and allows me to develop my own jewellery practice in a focused way over two years. Being interested in the conventions and material hierarchies of jewellery, I am excited to be paired with Karl Fritsch as a mentor. I admire how his work playfully subverts traditional understandings of value. 


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Flapping Headpiece, 2019, Aluminium, flapping decoy pigeon, epoxy putty, 520x350x300mm


NO Brooch, 2019 Oxidised sterling silver, dyed agate, 40x30x7mm


NO Brooch, 2019 Sterling silver, carnelian, 35x80x5mm


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