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Macarena Bernal wearing Europeno II, link Necklace in the collection of the Musee des Arts Decoratifs Paris France

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I Have applied to HANDSHAKE because I’m attracted by the promise of an artistic relationship with an advanced art-jewellery practitioner. I find very interesting to have the chance to have a mentor to engage with in analytical conversations about jewellery; about value, about cultures and the preservation of ideas.

I look forward to sharing their personal views about mine/their, or other people’s work and provoking self-questioning, change and movement in my artistic practice.

I would like to feel encouraged to transgress the barriers of jewellery and penetrate other genres of art, I look forward to exhibiting work locally and internationally associated with a mentor that has been supportive throughout the programme. I would like to be encouraged into critical thinking and theoretical analysis of the topics of my work. I look forward to be pushed, challenged and stimulated and finally I look forward to the exiting work that could come out of this artistic relationship opportunity.

My choice of mentor was made by the HS6 selector Iris Eichenberg. She explained to me that she paired me with Monika Brugger, who she trusted could be a good mentor for me, because she believes her to be a strong female artist who conveys conceptualism in her work in a unique way, touching on very relevant issues. I look forward to getting to know her and her work.



Macarena Bernal’s images:

Europeno, 2018, Link Necklace in the collection of Marie-José van den Hout (Marzee)


Shard Earrings, Stg Silver, Resin, CD-Rom, 2018. from Rom Read Only Memory, 2018


Strap Object, mild steel, textile, resin, CD-Rom. From Rom Read Only Memory, 2018


Selection of Rom rings, part of Rom Read Only Memory, 2018

360 bracelet, M. Bernal, 2017, part of Artefacts from another time. Stg Silver, Resin, CD-Rom

Selection of Link necklaces, 2019


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