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After completing my MFA, a couple of years ago I set up a workshop in the central city here in Dunedin. My curiosity about the body, the psyche and the occult are revealed in my jewellery. I enjoy working with metals, and carving, in wood, bone and glass. Always on the lookout for new materials and concepts I see HS program as an opportunity to extend myself and meet others who are similarly motivated. I have admired the work of Iris Eichenberg for many years and feel confident her experience and insight will be invaluable.


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iChain Mail Choker, 2016, sterling silver, stag antler, gold leaf, 500 x 110mm


image a: Trapeze, neck piece, 2018, beef bone and oxidised sterling silver, 380 x 20mm

image b: Hands of Nyx, earrings, 2018, beef bone, sterling silver and oxidised sterling silver, 70 x 15mm


Higa, neck piece, 2018, ebony, coral and oxidised sterling silver


Snake Tails, neck piece, 2019, ebony and oxidised silver, 350 x 50mm


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