The international mentor and exhibition programme HANDSHAKE Project continues with a new cumulative two-year project for NZ jewellery makers.

The purpose of the two-year HANDSHAKE 6 (HS6) program (2020-2021) is to provide opportunities for professional development within the context of innovative art jewellery, studio and exhibition practice using alternative and existing communication technologies (e.g. Skype, email and studio visits) for individual mentor sessions. Participating in the annual HANDSHAKE exhibitions is an integral part of the programme.

This call is open for those artists who are able to commit and want to refresh and/or accelerate their jewellery-art practice with an experimental and artistic impact, professionalism, and focus (see timeline and activities) with the assistance of a mentor. Preference will be given to those with a successful degree study in visual arts with jewellery as major and/or an extensive exhibition practice. 

Those enrolled or plan to enrol for undergraduate studies (during 2020 and 2021), are not eligible to apply.  Those who have participated in the HANDSHAKE 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 projects are not eligible for HS6.

Final selections will be made by an international contemporary jewellery judge. The selection will be final and cannot be challenged.

For more information about current and former HANDSHAKE projects, please see:  


The application will contain:

  1. an electronic PDF portfolio with an images’ selection of graduation school work and recent work with captions/descriptions and dates of production (email attachment not more than 11Mgb, or Dropbox, and/or via a personal blog).
  2. a short statement of intent (“Why do you need a mentor?” “What would you like to get out of this mentorship and exhibition program?”).
  3. three consecutive choices of your possible/preferred-mentor (these can be selected across all media, either nationally or internationally) with short explanations for each chosen mentor and their contact details (please expect that famous mentors can be very busy with little or no time left for mentoring).
  4. a short CV/ bio (particularly education and exhibition record) with hyperlinks and your full contact details.
  5. one reference letter minimal from a professional colleague and/or former art tutor stating your artistic endeavour, realistic commitment/motivation, communication skills, professional attitudes and capability.

The HS6 selector (Iris Eichenberg, Cranbrook Academy of Art) will consider your nominated mentor(s) to gauge if they fit your interest, and if they are interested in working with you and being part of the two-year mentoring programme. The selector can suggest alternative mentors if the preferred mentor does not work out.  Each mentor will be paid a mentor fee that is associated to a negotiated and committed time schedule.  On that agreement, the selection can be finalized.

To be selected means also that you have opportunities for being included in HANDSHAKE 7 and the HANDSHAKE Alumni exhibition program.  


Conditions for HANDSHAKE 6 participation:

  • The HS6 artist must be a New Zealand citizen or NZ permanent resident
  • Be committed to a two-year mentor schedule (HS6:  2020-2021)
  • Be committed to two exhibitions (Nov 2020 in Wellington and Nov 2021 in Auckland)
  • Be committed to at least one ‘On-Line’ exhibition (deadline Nov 2021)
  • Be committed to two annual JEWELcamp’ and Masterclass’ long-weekends (end Jan 2020 and March 2021)
  • Be committed to participate in selected tasks; e.g. presentations and discussions at JEWELcamps, fundraising for mentees (e.g. travel expenses, materials, transport, etc.), exhibition set-ups, promotion and publications
  • Be committed to contribute to develop, explore and making edits on a regular agreed basis for the HS6 blog
  • Be committed to the idea development, placement and participation of an on-line exhibition
  • Be committed to the recording of quality (high-resolution) photography for blog and exhibition publications
  • Be proactive and effective in maintaining communication with mentor and organisers
  • Be committed to cover particular costs like materials, travel costs to the Masterclasses and  JEWELcamps, own  exhibition  freight costs when necessary, availability for exhibition set-up and openings

The Handshake organisation (Makers 101 Ltd) pays for the arranged mentor fees, exhibition rents, exhibition costs, blog set-up and maintenance, promotion, tutor fees for the two JEWELcamps and Masterclass intensive long week-ends. The selected mentee funds their participation, materials, and availability. HS6 as a group can fundraise for travel cost via the HMPFC, Handshake Mentoring Project Fundraising Club.

Send the application to: (before Tuesday 29 October 2019, 6pm NZST).


Timeline (subject to change):

Sept 2019: Entries open for HANDSHAKE 6

2019: Oct 29 Entries Close at 6pm (NZST)

2019: Nov 18, Final list confirmed and the invitation to participant issued

2019: Dec 31, Contracts mentors & mentees signed and returned to Makers101 Ltd

2020: 24, 25, 26 and 27 January, JEWELcamp (includes introduction  Push&Pull workshop by Renee Bevan) and Masterclass (Iris Eichenberg) in Auckland

2020: Feb 10, First series of mentor sessions commence

2020: (dates TBC) November, at Te Auaha, Wellington exhibition (with digital publication)

2021: (dates TBC) March: JEWELcamp and Masterclass

2021: (dates TBC) final exhibition at Pah Homestead, Auckland

2021: December, on-line exhibition (digital publication), final deadline


All enquiries and application to:  

PDF version


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