Jewellery  Development-   Project


Jewellery  -Mentoring-   Project


Jewellery   –Exhibition-    Project


Jewellery  Development    Project


Jewellery   -Mentoring     Project


Jewellery   –Exhibition     Project



Value, importance, worthiness, usefulness, meaningfulness, significance, stature, measurement, control. How you are perceived by others and how you perceive yourself. How an object is perceived by its maker, its seller, its buyer and its audience. Emperor’s New...

Stendhal Syndrome

I have a fascination for psychological terminology- this has most recently been seen in my enthusiasm in response to the Placebo and Nocebo Effects, which I've based two bodies of work on. When I heard of the classification of Stendhal Syndrome I was excited. Stendhal...


Recently, the book Public and Private Worlds: Women in Contemporary New Zealand[1] crossed my path as I scanned through an op shop in Thames. In chapter 5, Women and Art, Anne Kirker speaks of some significant NZ woman artists that have paved the way for coming...


Welding in the garage, my studio is normally in my house, so great to change the scenery. It adds an organic feel to my environment- especially all the petrol smells and machinery. Once Ive managed to weld the steel to a shape I’m happy with its time to bling it up. I...

An artistic life on Rack 213

As previously mentioned, CODA houses the full collection of Onno Boekhoudt's artistic legacy; his work, experiments and the many many objects he collected, including the bench pins/pegs pictured below. Onno's work and collections from the CODA archive, page.79 Onno...


When I saw the Eva Rothschild exhibition at Wellington City Gallery I was as drawn to the shadows cast by the works as much as I was drawn to the works themselves. Both were remarkable. I'm wanting to play with shadow in my work for the Te Uru show. The title of my...

Sketches for Bangles

Sketching with light. Materials; steel and solder. Dimensions of both bangles as installed above L 16cm X W 18cm X H 2cm.    

Taura – stringing up

Turning an object into a pendant, into something wearable comes with 'stringing up' a bit of rope or string or something more interesting. Deciding on what I was going to use to turn these objects into pendants was my last part of the puzzle and challenge.  Length,...

The Hole of Life – Jeanette Winterson on Barbara Hepworth

Henry Moore called 1932 ‘The Year of the Hole’. The fact is that Barbara Hepworth made her first pierced form in 1931, the year she gave birth to her first child. Perhaps Hepworth had a more complete sense of the hole than Moore. Perhaps that was because she was...


There are so many times in making when talking through your work helps to clarify/solidify your thought processes- provided you're talking with the right person. I had my kōrerorero with Sian van Dyke from the Dowse Art Museum and it offered just that. In explaining...


HANDSHAKE is a unique mentoring program in the art world, in which established artists spread their knowledge to less experienced artists. The “knowledge” accumulated in exchange of the relationship based on feedback is implemented in exhibitions and joint projects.


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