Jewellery  Development-   Project


Jewellery  -Mentoring-   Project


Jewellery   –Exhibition-    Project


Jewellery  Development    Project


Jewellery   -Mentoring     Project


Jewellery   –Exhibition     Project


The Hole of Life – Jeanette Winterson on Barbara Hepworth

Henry Moore called 1932 ‘The Year of the Hole’. The fact is that Barbara Hepworth made her first pierced form in 1931, the year she gave birth to her first child. Perhaps Hepworth had a more complete sense of the hole than Moore. Perhaps that was because she was...


There are so many times in making when talking through your work helps to clarify/solidify your thought processes- provided you're talking with the right person. I had my kōrerorero with Sian van Dyke from the Dowse Art Museum and it offered just that. In explaining...

Code for CODA

Looking at the use of knitting in relation to war has revealed some other really interesting connections.  I have to thank my son for the first discovery – he was listening to a history podcast in the background and caught the words knitting and espionage.  Strange...

Playing with holes

In a 1937 interview with Henry Moore, who famously made holes a feature of his sculpture, he said: The hole connects one side to the other, making it immediately more three-dimensional. A hole can itself have as much shape-meaning as a solid mass. Sculpture in air is...

Moving from plans to action

In the context of jewellery, Onno believed the hole was the essence. "The hole is the inside of the piece, it touches the body, is intimate and personal - and that, according to Boekhoudt, was what it was all about, although with jewellery it is, in fact, always from...

“It should be something like breathing”

My initial plan for CODA was quite simple: 1. Play  2. Chinese Whispers  3. No Material Hierarchy.  HS blogging requires a reveal of your initial plan in this public forum - useful in relation to deadlines and an audience being able to follow your progress, only...


My work does not leave me; it travels alongside me in whatever else I am doing in my life. Recently, while retreating on the Coromandal and working on a selection of ‘multiples’ for Coda, I was reminded of one of my notes, that my making process is not about...

Tata nei – getting closer

The many decisions that go through the making...adding and subtracting...where to finish when to stop and will there be an ending, a completion. Titles and names  have been given, they relate to the process through making and contemplation.  This piece 'Ki a wai?' to...


Kainga -Home Home: tastes, smells, sounds and sensations, we carry these as we travel as we move from place to place. I have been looking at sound, soundscapes, mix tapes, layers of sound, beats, lyrics.  Songs, waiata that transport us through time and space, that...


HANDSHAKE is a unique mentoring program in the art world, in which established artists spread their knowledge to less experienced artists. The “knowledge” accumulated in exchange of the relationship based on feedback is implemented in exhibitions and joint projects.


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