Jewellery  -Development  -Mentoring  Exhibition  Project


Jewellery  -Development  -Mentoring  -Exhibition   Project


Jewellery  -Development  -Mentoring  –Exhibition  Project



Active Project Blogs:

Polarity and/both

Polarity suggests opposite ends, black and white, contrast, extremes, a certainty of one or the other.  What I am interested in, is something less sure, the vaguely illuminating space in-between.   Somewhere intuition, conflicted states and dissonance lie.   Highs and...

Seeing self, observing others

Reflective materials interrupt spatial perceptions and redirect the viewer from not just seeing the object but places their own body in space in relation to that object. In Mirror Affect (2016), Christina Albu explores artworks with mirroring or reflective...

Volkers email

Simply this is a copy of Volkers last email. We have got a great grove going on. We speak at the opposite ends of the day about all things, from football, the heat, the cold and the devil called 'schmuck'. Volker wanted an image and so I sent this one really quickly....

Intersection / Polarity

A different kind of Polarity... It's not news that there's a considerable overlap and intersection between different art practices. Maybe one of the least expected intersections could be the relationship between hip-hop and traditional art movements such as the...

On another planet

Fueled by a bowl of porridge and a walk on the skyline my mind was sure to wander.  You wondered about that cow picture didn't you?!  Walking lets my imagination roam free and is a necessary part of my process. What my hands and mind have been up to lately: Lots of...

Polarity – Our existence would not be possible without it

From the macro viewpoint, Earth’s magnetism is an act of repelling and attracting the positive and negative north and south poles, creating a magnetic field which protects us from most solar radiation. And to the microscale, the dance of polarity is the basis for cell...

Through a Glass Darkly

Photograph - http://antlersandstone.com/product/large-grey-french-heavily-foxed-mirror/ Quotation - 'Discovering Cook's Collections', ed. Michelle Hetherington and Howard Morphy I'm working on two exhibitions at the moment, the final HS4 show 'Polarity' at Corban...

Laws of attraction

Working largely with recycled materials,  I’m interested in how certain objects and materials attract me in whilst others I’ll toss aside

Thoughts on Polarity

  Twelve artists drawn together for our desire and vision to use our hands and minds to make jewellery and objects.  Handshake provides the platform to spring forward. Sometimes we dip, and others we dive into unknown territory to make pieces that reveal something of...


HANDSHAKE is a unique mentoring program in the art world, in which established artists spread their knowledge to less experienced artists. The “knowledge” accumulated in exchange of the relationship based on feedback is implemented in exhibitions and joint projects.