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Jewellery  Development    Project


Jewellery   -Mentoring     Project


Jewellery   –Exhibition     Project


I’ve been thinking….

Susan Collis, When We Loved, 2017 Thinking about space as led me to look at some artists who make interesting use of space.  Susan Collis’s exhibition When we loved you best of all, 2017 doesn’t look like an exhibition.  The room appears vacant except for some odd...

Hall of Mirrors: on journeying, viewing, and the critical legacy of encounters.

by Lieta Marziali  An essay about the exhibition Te Ao Hurihuri /Ever-Changing Worlda collaboration between Dialogue Collective and Handshake Project, The Crypt Gallery, London, 23-27 October 2018. Read it on KLIMT02

Indulgence with Question Marks

Dorothea Prühl 'Tiere'  1999 What makes this work so appealing to me? Even looking at Dorothea’s work again and again it doesn’t lose its attractiveness. What causes the appeal and therefore the connection? Those were the questions that kept coming up engaging with...

The trinity of artists – CODA

The works I've been given to respond to are made by a trinity of artists I've long admired. It's a daunting prospect, but an invigorating one. It'd be daunting enough to respond to each artists' work in isolation, but to respond to them in concert with each other is...

Te Uru – Diaspora

Title: Diaspora I intend to make a series of work 3-5 pieces with a sound component.  I will be researching the theme and concept of diaspora it is used in a contemporary context to describe indigenous/native people who live away from their homeland for one reason or...

Nga ahua – shapes

When I choose the pieces from the coda collection the most prominent attraction for me was the shapes of the main pendants and then the materials they were made from. Therefore I began to explore the shapes the round convex matte object of Ruudt Peters, how would this...

making actions (in three parts)

making actions (in three parts)...... which will overlap I'm sure. part one - currently thinking of Onno's joined works; repair, adjust, improve, reconstruct, replace, mend, reform, substitute. I often start in object samples that work their way into jewellery form...


One thing that all three pieces selected by coda have in common is that they are 3d printed or contain a printed element so 3d printing and the digital path is also the way I will go.The Dunedin School of Art where I work has recently purchased a massive ceramic 3d...

Totem – Te Uru

I've been working on the idea of creating a series of modern "totems". This raises the question of cultural appropriation for me. While I won't be using motifs from any culture apart from my own, even the term "totem" sits uncomfortably with me. The issue is that I...


I am searching for a truth to my materials. How do the materials make me do what I do to them; how does process dictate form? Currently, I have been making notes as I work with the intention of understanding what makes me do to a material, what I do. Dissection is an...


HANDSHAKE is a unique mentoring program in the art world, in which established artists spread their knowledge to less experienced artists. The “knowledge” accumulated in exchange of the relationship based on feedback is implemented in exhibitions and joint projects.


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