Jewellery  Development-   Project


Jewellery  -Mentoring-   Project


Jewellery   –Exhibition-    Project


Jewellery  Development    Project


Jewellery   -Mentoring     Project


Jewellery   –Exhibition     Project


Artistic reinvention- CODA

One of the things that I love about making is trying new things. New materials. New forms. New techniques. New colour palettes. Frank Stella is an artist whose work and career one can't help but admire. With a practice spanning over half a century, his work...


Artists using order and repetition often create works that result in large arrangements that can seem obsessive and even claustrophobic.  Lam de Wolf use of splashes of paint and the fraying of torn fabric offer the opportunity for disorder to invade the rigidity of...

Te Uru

Image- car with stickers. someone who loves bling ’New ! Bigger and shinier than ever’  there’s so many teasers to entice the love of bling. Colour, shape, size, all require lots of play. Sound, hierarchy, size, consumerism, flashy, gaudy it just keeps on giving. I...


Marquette - brass, spray paint, hot glue This is me having an easy play for an outcome that I would like to do using mild steel and wire by wielding. I’ve got to say there’s something in using a hot glue gun!! Essence is something I have found in all three of my...

Experience as Communicator/Te Uru

Feature Image: Memory – Family photo, Artist Unknown  I am reminded of a family memory and photo of my family activating an installation that I think was on Te Papa’s Roof top in the mid-2000s. Te Uru Intent; Create an intimate and personal encounter with work that...

The True Nature/CODA

Chip off the ol’ Block Chippy Prone to error Fallible These are some of my most recent notes taken as I work, thoughts inspired by my making, a select few that resonate with me more than others. At the earlier stages of this investigation of process, Roseanne Bartley...

Best laid plans, structure and throwing it all out the window.

I mapped out a structured way to respond to this project and Onnos selected pieces, I planned to make a series of responses to each work - focusing on these in three parts....one piece at a time. So orderly! This format may have come from the added pressure of...

Time and time we run out of time

Why did I investigate into plastic when the original work by Dorothea Prühl is made from wood and called ‘Tiere’ (animals). What seems to be contradictory is based on me growing up in the controversy time of abundance of plastic toys and my parents’ love and concern...

The ‘Poly’ Petting Zoo

The 'Poly' Petting Zoo While developing work for the exhibitions at CODA, Appledorn and TeUru, Auckland I got drawn into the multitudinousness world of plastics. A topic as complex as the abundance of different plastics in our daily lives and also one of the major...

Art you can dismantle

The showing of Eva Rothschild's, Kosmos, at the Wellington City Gallery couldn't have happened at a better time for me. I've already been looking at her work intently over the last few months so the opportunity to see it in person is excellent. While the above work,...


HANDSHAKE is a unique mentoring program in the art world, in which established artists spread their knowledge to less experienced artists. The “knowledge” accumulated in exchange of the relationship based on feedback is implemented in exhibitions and joint projects.


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