Our vision:creative leaders beyond dependency’


Funders and Supporters



 HANDSHAKE project is funded by Creative New Zealand:



 HANDSHAKE project is supported by:






You too can become a supporter of this multifaceted project that focusses on opportunities for new creative leaders.

Please contact us for more details:



NOTE: The HANDSHAKE artists do their own fundraising via their shop (independent).


MAKERS 101 LTD: Peter Deckers (HS founder and -artistic director) & Hilda Gascard (HS coordinator and -administrator)

HandShake advisory (2019-2022): Andrea Daly,  Renee Bevan, and Mia Straka 

HandShake International Strategic Advisor: Liesbeth den Besten

HandShake Legal Advisor: Garth O’Brien 

JEMbooks publishing: Peter Deckers and Hilda Gascard in association with Becky Bliss

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