HANDSHAKE  CURATION                                   

Curated Exhibitions

The HANDSHAKE (HS) curated exhibitions are additional to the existing HS programme. They evolve primarily from requests of galleries and curators in partnership with the organisers.

The HS programme has two divisions: the first one is the current mentor /exhibition programme and the second one focus on industry, where industry invites to participate with the aim that  HS artwork developed from past and current practices get another opportunity to be seen at different locations and circumstances.

Each curated HS exhibition is different with a different mix of artists, curatorial focus, exhibition set up, and other local circumstances. The HS organisers aim to collaborate with each of the curators, and/or gallery owners and negotiate the works for selection.  This additional programme for the alumni allows continuation, and focus in the creative field for selected HS participants. The aim is to provide and stimulate opportunities for artistic excellence, creative strength, and growth.


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Te Ao Hurihuri – Ever Changing World

TE AO HURIHURI – EVER CHANGING WORLD    Journeys through jewellery from New Zealand and the UK. The Crypt gallery, London 23 – 27 October 2018



JEWELdisplayJEWEL curated by Mark Hutchins-Pond and Peter Deckers

Pātaka Art + Museum, Toi Gallery, Porirua, 14 September – 14 October 2018



Super Positions at Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney, 4 – 21 April 2018 (during the 21st Biennale of Sydney)




CHAINreaction at Atta Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand, 11 January–25 February 2018




SPECIALS at the Residenz Palaz,  Munich, Germany,  25–27 February 2016 (Munich Jewellery Week)  Click here for more details about the setup process of this show

001DOWNLOAD Munich SPECIALS catalogue LR  PDF




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