Shoreline compositions

So after a break in the weather and a healing injury, I have been able to return to walking.  A Gorgeous weekend provided the opportunity for beach combing along Makara beach. Our oceans have never more been more colourful or clogged with the debris of human consumption. Today I’ve been making mini shoreline compositions from a small collection.

I think of New Zealand’s clean green image and how this pronouncement is far from reality.  How long we can hold onto this ideal I’m not sure….With the risk of sounding my age, in my youth I would comb the beach and collect shells and I don’t remember litter being a real feature.  Nowadays it is everywhere and the symptom of a larger problem for which we are all responsible.



A bone to pick

Deep Blue


Cancer of our Oceans

Salt and bone


Check out these links:,-marine-wildlife-threatened


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