The OED defines the gaze as to look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought.  In critical theory, the gaze offers comment on the relationship between the observer and the observed.

Over time the skin records how we react, our choices, intentions and desires in life.  As part documentation, part celebration, I decided to record the wrinkles around the face as an expression of a desire line that lies on our skin.  The wrinkles around our eyes offer an intimate reflection of the gaze.  Following on from my focus on women last year, I have concentrated on the female gaze and asked 14 women to be part of the project.  While taking the photos I asked each woman to think of a heartfelt intention or desire while I took the photograph.

The lines around the eyes are the imprint of that gaze and its these lines of intention have made up the collection in this jewellery project.

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