The mentors

Each mentor has been the choice of the mentee or recommended by the selector(s). Once all parties agree on the arranged contract the journey starts. Each mentee/mentor relationship is unique and both work out ways to communicate.

HS3, HS5 and HS7 do not have a mentor, but get assigned coaches.

Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro showing Nik Hanton via skype (HS4)


Coaches: Roseanne Bartley (main coach), Sian van Dyk (studio coach), Vernon Bowden (technical coach)


Monika Brugger, Hanna Hedman,  Lisa Walker, Manuel Vilhena, Karl Fritsch, Iris Eichenberg (x2), Attai Chen, Mah Rana, Catherine Truman, Gabi Schillig, Manon van Kouswijk


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