Simply this is a copy of Volkers last email. We have got a great grove going on. We speak at the opposite ends of the day about all things, from football, the heat, the cold and the devil called ‘schmuck’.

Volker wanted an image and so I sent this one really quickly. I woke to this wonderful reply, which basically made me think ‘Yes’  it’s working. 







cool image
funny  (how difficult it could be to handle art/jewellery)
but also serious (colours,lines, directions,movements, balance…everything is pure to the point – what ever it is)
clear but not boring …

the new pendant is very fine
had the idea it will flatten by just letting it to the ground

so the both ends
are very polar
one is solid, raw  … in colour mild
the other end is soft, open (lines describe the space)  and no real colour just light metal shine

wonder when the both parts/characteristics
will fuse into one   (no idea.. maybe a flatt fine gold shape joint by conrete ? …)

here are two fine examples
about the unconcrete use of concrete (in mexico) ;





a structured space by Edward James


and there is a wonderfull
lecture by Robert Smithson …helt at the University of Utah in 1972 …very cute to put this into the brains of young upcomming architects ;
some impessions of the lecture
you will find here (Insert of Parkett artmagazine):

so far kind regards




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